Skyline Cottages Grounds

Afternoon of a Bull Elk (not a faun)

Hey, check this out!

These cabins are so cool!

Reckon I'll mosey on down to the river.

Go ahead, check my bod! What? You've never seen antlers in spring velvet?

Mom says I need more greens!

This bush by the river is delish!

Wonder if the grass IS greener on the other side.

Uh, oh, the trout are tickling my tummy!

Ummm - Fresh, cold water from the Rockies. Can't be beat!

'cuse my backside. Gotta go, but Skyline was a 15-point super rating! (Antlers, that is)

Skyline's Side Yard

Skyline's Deck - River and Mountain Views

Skyline's River Front

Skyline - where the river meets the mountains!